When To Stay Home?

Keep your child home if...


He/she has a temp of 100 degrees or greater or if the temperature is below 100 but he/she is achy pale or tired.  Students should be 24 hours without a fever before returning to school.

Stomach ache
He/she has had two or more episodes of vomiting or diarrhea, or has had one in the past 24 hours and feels ill or tired. Should be 24 hours without vomiting before returning.

Sore throat 

He/she had tender, swollen glands and a fever of 100 degrees or greater.  Do not send cough drops to school with your child. 

He/she coughs frequently, coughs up phlegm or the cough sounds like a bark or is accompanied by a sore throat or wheezing.  Do not send cough drops to school with your child.

Ear ache
His/her pain is constant or severe – a sign of otitis media (ear infection)

The rash blisters, develops pus, or is uncomfortable, which can signal chickenpox or impetigo. 


Following these guidelines will not only be beneficial to your child’s recovery, but will help prevent the spread of illness to other students and staff.

If your child requires an antibiotic for an infection, they must be on the medication for a 24-hour prior to returning - (please refer to the medication policy in the school handbook or call the nurse).

Injuries that occur outside of school are the responsibility of the parent. Because of the number of students we service here at school, please do not send them to school to be checked. 

Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to working with your child this year and wish you a healthy school year.

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